Readers Reviews

Just finished reading your book. Amazing story so well informed and written. I have so many friends and family longing to read it after me as I haven't stopped speaking about it. Let me know if you write any more. Thank you.

Mina Mawson

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Harry's Boys. As this is based on a true story during WW2 for me was a very compelling read. It would be great if this story could be made into a film. Well done Richard, a very moving story.

Sheila Fuller

An amazing story of a family's enforced wartime adventure. Good holiday read. Nigel Hartman

We thoroughly enjoyed reading Harry's Boys. Once started, the book cannot be put down as you have to find out what is going to happen next! Very moving story of a family's struggle through WW2.

June Hedley.

I thought I would just drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your book about your Father's experience in occupied Europe on and after the outbreak of World War 2. It must have been a terribly hard decision for the boys Father. But what an adventure, if traumatic at times. I must say, it does bring home, as I have always thought, how lucky we have been and the sacrifices those before us gave for our freedom. Very best wishes and thank you for sharing this with all.

Peter Writer.

Perhaps you remember me? I am French and I met you at the Bookshop in East Grinstead, the day you were selling your book there. I ended up buying your book and I just finished reading it. I must say it is very well written and the story is captivating. You are a born writer and you should continue to write. Thank you for such a good read. What an extraordinary story!

Chantal Chopin.

Just to say how much I enjoyed reading your book on holiday last week - an excellent and exciting story!

Denis Keenlyside.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I do know the author and, as a professional writer myself (author and journalist), when Richard told me that he was writing this story I didn’t think it would be anywhere near as accomplished as this, in all honesty. I had no idea he could write so well. He’s a natural storyteller. The mix of Nazi menace, family bond, love, yearning, longing, fear and anguish is a potent brew and is skilfully managed. The plot is paced well, moving along at just the right speed but not so fast as to not take the time to deliver detail and emotion. It quickly becomes evident that the author has done a lot of historical research. I couldn’t help thinking throughout the book how cinematic it felt. It would make a marvellous film or TV series. Very impressive Mr Barker! I think you have found your true calling (at last!) as an author. More please.

J.M. Maloney.

A moving wartime story, well written and engaging from first page to last. And the more remarkable for being based on true events. Compulsive reading.

Granville Davies.

"Just occasionally you read a book that is good enough to transport you directly into the world of the characters. Harry's Boys is one of these books. Congratulations Richard, this is a damn fine read."

Nigel Bradbury.

"An amazing piece of family history brought to life so well. This is an excellent insight in to a family's struggle with danger, difficult decisions and separation brought on by WW2. A very readable book"

Steve Jones.

Please forgive the long delay in sending you my brief review of your book to tell you how very much I enjoyed it. It was a true page-turner and proved just how much research you had done to give the plot its total authenticity! It was most moving and deserves to enter the realm of best sellers!! Let me know when you are going to complete another work of art. I'm glad I bought "Harry's Boys". It was a real pleasure to read and I can do no more than congratulate you!

John Izbicki.

'This book is compelling reading for those who have good memories about WW2 in its early days. The narrative reads a bit like a thriller and fiction at that, but as you progress it suddenly becomes apparent this is not fiction but a true account ...'

Graham Edwards.

An extraordinary story about ordinary people who, like so many caught up in the tragedy of war, do whatever they can to survive. Where, almost unbelievably, even in the most dire circumstances the kindness and bravery of strangers appear miraculously to help when there seems nothing but disaster staring them in the face. Real life is truly more amazing than fiction!

Greg Wimbourne.

'As others have commented this is a book that once started, cannot be put down. A great true story.'

Ken Vizard.

A great story - a very unusual take on WW2 through the eyes of both a widowed father, desperate to escape capture, and of the two little boys he was forced to leave behind, abandoned in an alien country, with the Nazis closing in.

Jacquie Buttriss.

Amazing story. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Had to keep reading!

Craig Dayton.

This book is a must read true story, once I started I couldn't put it down. It shows how war impacts on ordinary people and I am looking forward to the film that will surely follow.

Ian Anderson.

It is 01.15 hrs and I have just finished reading your book. I am not a literary person by any means and all I can say is that I really enjoyed it. The story was very interesting. Your family have led a good life, though life must have been very frightening and heartbreaking at times. All in all, a bloody good read.

Jeff Thistlethwaite.

I thought your book was fantastic. I could't put it down. It was wonderful. Thank you.

Colin Treble.

I have just finished reading Harry's Boys, written by Richard Barker and OMG! It's a fantastic, emotional, gripping and educational story and not one to be missed!

Charlie B.

“Difficult to put down once started. Well written moving story of a family torn apart by the war only this is not a novel but a true story"

Robert Dicketts.

Just finished this book and it didn't take long as it certainly kept me intrigued right to the end. Amazing the delving into the past to uncover the story which is explained at the end of the book. Gave a feel for what it would have been like to go through that period of time. A wonderful legacy to leave behind for future generations.

Hilda Hart.

"Based on the true story of the authors family as they are caught up in the rapid advance of the Nazi war machine in Belgium and France. A gripping and touching story that held my interest from the first page to the last"

Paul Foucher.

I thought it was great. I was engrossed right to the end and yes, the ending brought a tear to my eye. I don't know much about book marketing but it needs a bigger audience. I say that from reading 15 -20 books a year and this is one of the best I have read for many years.

Len Scannell.

I thoroughly enjoyed this! I was planning to leave it till half term but got started and got hooked - I found it fascinating and very moving as well..

Becky Tinson.

I really enjoyed the story - it was a good plot and clearly much research has been undertaken.

Jules Wareham.

'A fantastic mix of historical facts intertwined with an amazing story.'

Rob Byford.

'A remarkable story. Moving and absorbing.'

Ken Mills.

'This is not only a thoroughly good read, it is also a fascinating personal insight into the outbreak of the Second World War. A real page turner.'

Tim Hart Dyke.

'A gripping true story about his family's attempts to escape the Nazis.'

Kate & Andrew Mills.