'Compulsive reading' Granville Davies


'Thank you for such a good read. What an extraordinary story!' Chantal Chopin


'Once I started, I couldn't put it down' Ian Anderson


'A true page-turner' John Izbicki


'I thought this book was fantastic!' Colin Treble

This book is about a father and his two young sons caught up in the Second World War.

A true story.

At the outset of WW2, Harry, an Englishman, and his two young Belgian born sons are forced to flee Brussels in the face of the advancing German Blitzkrieg. They head north hoping to escape back to England but, unable to cross the channel, they end up in a small remote fishing village in southern Brittany. 

As the German machine closes in on the remote village they witness the RMS Lancastria, a British refugee ship, steam by. Harry knows that going after this ship by sea is his last chance to get away and agrees an escape with a local fisherman. As they wait on the quay, Harry is told that things have changed and now there is no room in the little fishing boat for the children. Does he leave his boys behind and take this last chance to escape alone or stay with his sons and face the Nazis?